Build elec­tronic com­po­nents anywhere.

Create im­pressive sche­matic sym­bols and
cor­respon­ding pack­ages for your own PCB Project.

Fast, smart and easy.

The C.Builder com­muni­cates with Componi­verse.
Draw new or edit exis­ting com­po­nents much faster
than in your CAD soft­ware, up­load or down­load them and use them in your PCB Design.

Check out for free without in­stal­ling or signing up.

Draw symbol

Draw pins and even multiple gates.

Draw footprint

Draw pads for the layout, de­fine solder paste, etc.


Add meta data, a de­scrip­tion and pa­ra­me­ters as a nif­ty plain text.

Assign pins/pads

Connect pads to pins in the conections table.

- How to -

How to draw symbols

Draw schematic symbols using a wide se­lec­tion
of tools (left). Place ele­ments, copy, paste, mirror,
rotate them to get your de­sired look. Set the grid
indi­vidually and group all elements to a symbol.
Allow special hand­ling for the power pins.

How to draw the footprint

In the "Layout" - tab you have near­ly the
same tools to draw the footprint. Use a variety
of pad patterns. Enjoy live edit while placing.
Place elements right away to the correct layer
using the foot­print in­spector.

How to connect the pins/pads

In the "Connections" - tab you could easi­ly
inspect your pins/pads and connect pins(left)
and pads (right). Here you can link pins to one
or more pads and de­fine how they later
shall be routed.

How to - meta data

Every com­ponent needs some data
speci­fi­cations. Click the “Meta­data” - tab
to fill in some facts about your com­ponent.
The specific name, manu­fac­turer's part
number, the manu­facturer and a des­cription
to find out what kind of com­po­nent it is,
on which data­sheet it is based and so on.
Save your drawn com­ponent locally or in the
Componi­verse-data­base to use and share it.

Just get started - now

You don’t need no regis­tration to check out our new pcb-tool. Easily open the web-app and get star­ted. Draw, save and have fun.

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